How To Identify Freshwater Crappie

The freshwater crappie identification includes all species. Most commonly known black and white crappie can be identified easily, but most people do not realize that the striped bass, yellow bass, white bass and white perch are also included in the freshwater crappie family. The fish do look similar, but there are identifying marks that do make each fish different. In Florida and a few other states there is a hybrid of the black crappie called the blacknose crappie. The difference with this fish and the black crappie is the nose color.

The sizes of the crappie species vary, but not that much. The only one that is out of the weight and length range is the striped bass, which can be found in the St Lawrence River as well as other areas in the south.

If you fish for the black and white crappies, you will have no problem telling them apart, but if you fish in waters that have other crappie species, you will need to know how to tell the fish apart. Looking at the fish quickly, could result in catching another specie of crappie and thinking it is something else.

You do have to know what species are in the waters you fish. It is always a good idea to know the difference between all the species of fish in the waters you fish so that you know what you are catching.

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