Catching Crappie in Clear Lake

You can find them around brush piles, trees, stumps, logs, piers and other structures anytime you’re fishing because they love the protection these provide. Fishing around the edge of the lake can usually prove to be productive as well.

Basic Information

The hook you use is very important when you’re fishing for crappie. Due to their small size and fragile mouth it’s recommended that you use an extra light or light weight wire hook. It must be in good condition and be very sharp for the best results. Anything larger will either be noticed by the fish or it will tear through their mouth. Check you gear often for wear and tear and replace anything that appears to be old or rusted.

There are several guide services that you can use if you’re new to the area and would like to have help finding the best fishing locations. There are many advantages to using this type of service. For instance, they are familiar with the area and they know where the best spots for crappie are located. They also know which areas to avoid, when the best time to go out is and which baits work the best.

Before fishing on this lake make sure that you have you fishing license. Anyone 16 and older needs to have a license before going fishing. It’s important to always obey the laws in the area where you are fishing so check out the rules and regulations concerning crappie as well. You wouldn’t want a great fishing trip to be ruined because you didn’t follow the rules of the lake.

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