Crappie Fishing Honey Holes In Nebraska

You do need to mark the spots that you use in some way so you can find them easier the next time that you go out. Using a GPS mapping system is the easiest and most accurate way to mark your locations. You will be able to use this to go straight to your honey hole so you can spend more time fishing and less time trying to find the right spot.

Crappie Fishing Techniques

There are many fishing technique that can be used when fishing for crappie in Nebraska. For example, vertical fishing, drifting, casting and trolling are all used to catch crappie. The crappie is a school fish so when you find one there are usually many others in the same areas. They spawn in the spring so this is when they are the most plentiful and they love structures where they can take cover.

The crappie will be in the shallow water in the mornings and evenings. During the middle of the day and throughout the night they normally swim out to deeper waters. That’s why if you set your honey holes in different depths you can fish different times with the same amount of success. Some of the best baits to use are the ones that imitate the foods they eat normally such as insects, small crustaceans, minnows and insects.

Before you set out to make your own crappie fishing honey holes in Nebraska make sure there are no laws restricting sinking structures in the area where you will be fishing. Using a variety of crappie honey holes in Nebraska is one of the best ways to create a great fishing spot where you can generally always get a bite.

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