Best Places for Locating Crappie Fishing in Pennsylvania

During the spring in Pennsylvania, many crappie fishermen find great success in live bait, crappie jigs and spinners.

When visiting any of the Pennsylvania lakes mentioned above, you can use these tactics for finding and fishing for crappie. You should first plan ahead so you can come prepared. Look into fishing reports for the area and get a good idea of what you should take with you to succeed in this particular fishing adventure.

It is also advised to bring a few different types of baits with you on your Pennsylvania crappie adventure. This is because the crappie are often finicky in what they want to go for one day so it’s good to have backup plans.

Some of the best places for locating crappie fishing in Pennsylvania are the lakes we mentioned earlier in the article. Blue Marsh Lake and High Point Reservoir have been known to bring in large crappie. Glendale Lake and Lake Arthur also have a reputation for high abundance of crappie, making catching your limit an easy task.

From the Tamarack to the Shenango River, there are many great places to go fishing for crappie in Pennsylvania. If you pack up and go with a friend or fellow fishing buddy, you should mark your favorite spots on a map or some other type of locator so you know where to come back.

If you’re from Pennsylvania or close with someone who is, you can find out even more about these hot spots for crappie and what time of year you want to be visiting each one to get the maximum benefit from your catches.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow crappie fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on crappie fishing since 2004.

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