Crappie Fishing Bait Tips

Basic Fishing Tips

The bait you use will also depend on the type of water in which you are fishing. For instance, when fishing in clear water it’s important that you use baits that appear natural. The crappie will be able to see better and will avoid anything that looks odd or out of place. Choose your colors wisely when fishing in clear water. Normally, silver and gray colors work good when fishing in shallow waters and brown or green colors work good for jigging near the bottom of deeper water.

When fishing in dark or murky waters you want bait that will make some type of noise in order to get the attention of the crappie. They can’t see as well in this type of water so they rely more on sound than sight to locate their food. Use bright colors such as chartreuse, white, pink and yellow for the best results.

One thing that many anglers don’t know about crappie (especially if you are new to fishing) is that their eyes are located on the top of their heads. Therefore, you need to keep your bait above the school of fish in order for them to see it.

If you drop below them, they will not see your offer and you will most likely go home empty handed. If you know the fish are there but you’re not getting any bites, begin lifting your bait higher to see if this gets a response.

Using the crappie fishing bait tips listed above can help you reel in more fish each time you go out. Using your bait correctly will entice the fish to bite more often giving you more opportunities to catch them. Have fun and enjoy reeling in those crappies on your next fishing adventure!

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