3 Secrets to use Wisconsin crappie fishing

For the most part the crappie is an easy species to catch but the secrets above can help to increase the amount of success you have when fishing for this species. This will make any fishing trip more fun and exciting and that’s what it’s all about.

More Crappie Information

Did you know that crappies can see very well? The fact is, the they can see so well that the colors you use matters a great deal when you’re fishing with artificial baits. The colors you use need to be chosen based on the depth along with the time of day that you go fishing. This is important because the light shining through the water will affect the color of the bait.

The rule of thumb is to use colors like red, greens, blues and orange when fishing in clear water and when the sun is shinning bright. When fishing in dark or murky waters, colors like yellow, pink, chartreuse and light blues work very well. Another thing to keep in mind is that if the hook is sticking through the bait, they may be able to see it and this will prevent them from biting.

Crappies can also see better in cold water than they can in warm waters so you’ll need to make sure you’re careful when fishing in clear, cold water and not allow them to see the hook or line or you will scare them away. This species will eat a variety of foods but their favorite seems to be minnows and worms. They also like grasshoppers and crickets. When it comes to artificial baits, they are attracted to spinnerbaits, streamers, small poppers and jigs.

Using waypoints is an excellent way to find and catch crappies. Waypoints are the main points that the crappie follows when they are moving from one location to another. The easiest way to keep up with the waypoints is by using latitude and longitude to mark the spots. When the crappie move to different areas they will gather at these waypoints and if you know where they are, you have the prefect hotspot that will be very productive.

An ultra-light rod and reel with light weight monofilament fishing line and small hooks and lures will be the prefect gear for catching this species.

Learning as much as you can about the crappie and about the area where you plan to go fishing will help you to reel in more fish when you go Wisconsin crappie fishing.

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