4 Grilled Crappie Recipies

Crappies are one of the most sought out species today and there are several reasons for this. They’re a small species so they’re easy to catch and don’t require any type of special gear. They make the perfect species to seek out as a beginner because they are easy enough for a newbie to catch and reel in.

Nevertheless, experienced anglers also enjoy going crappie fishing because this is one spirited fish. Once you hook one they will put up quite a fight for their size. This keeps things fun and interesting.

Another reason so many anglers like to fish for crappies is because they taste great and one of the best ways to cook them is by grilling. When you grill crappies, it seems to capture the distinctive flavor better and it holds in the natural juices. It’s also faster, easier and less messy than baking or frying crappie.

It’s interesting to note that fresh fish will grill better than frozen ones because the meat stays firmer so it won’t fall apart on the grill as easily. Therefore, it’s recommended that you use fresh crappies whenever possible but you can still grill frozen ones. It just takes a little extra care. There are many recipes available for grilling fish and
4 grilled crappie recipies are listed below:

Recipe One:
Mix up two tablespoons of sugar, paprika and black pepper. Add one teaspoon of salt and one tablespoon of lemon-pepper spice to the mix. Then lay out your fillets in a platter and coat them with olive oil. Spread the mixture on the fillets in a thin layer and place in the refrigerator until you’re ready to cook. Grill fillets for about two minutes on both sides or until the meat begins to flake apart easily. This recipe is to be used with approximately one pound of crappie.

Recipe Two:
Place the crappie fillets on a piece of foil after sprinkling on some Mrs. Dash seasoning. This seasoning will add flavor and keep the fillets from sticking to the foil. If you prefer a different seasoning be sure to coat the foil with oil to prevent sticking. Now brush on a dash of butter, lemon juice and sprinkle on some pepper to add to the flavor. Close up the foil and grill about five minutes. Open up the foil and continue to cook until the crappie fillets begin to flake.

Recipe Three:
One of the fastest but tastiest ways to grill crappies is by marinating the fillets in your favorite dressing for two to three hours prior to grilling. Zesty Italian is one of the best dressings to use but you can choose whichever one produces the flavor you like best. Place the marinated filets on grill and cook slowly until the meat begins to flake away easily.

Recipe Four:
Lay out your crappie filets on a platter and coat with a layer of melted butter. Sprinkle with pepper, salt and a Cajun seasoning for added flavor. Place on grill and cook about two minutes on both sides. Just before the filets are done coat with a salsa and cheese mix. Prepare a dish of Spanish rice and place the cooked fillets on top of a serving of rice.

Grilling Tips
When grilling your crappies you have several options as to how to place them on the grill. The best way to get that smoky flavor is my grilling directly on the grate. You’ll need to make sure it’s clean and oiled down first to prevent the fish from sticking. You can also purchase a grilling basket and this will make it easier to cook the fish and transfer it to the platter without tearing the meat apart.

One more option is to wrap the crappie filets in aluminum foil. This method is not as popular because it cuts back on the smoky flavor that most people expect when grilling. However, many people use foil when coating the fillets with seasonings to help hold in the flavor.

To ensure the crappies are cooked evenly, make sure the filets are consistence in thickness. In other words, don’t cook if one end of the fillet is a lot thicker than the other. Instead, trim it down evenly first. You can cook the parts trimmed off as well. Another option would be to place the thinnest side of the fillet over the part of the grill with the lowest heat.

To get the best taste when grilling crappie be sure to thoroughly clean the grill before starting. Any residue left on the grill from other foods is not only unsanitary but it will also change the taste of your fillets. It’s also a
good idea to oil the grate to keep the fillets from sticking as easily. Have the grill heated to temperature before placing the fillets on it and they will cook better.

Now that you have 4 grilled crappie recipies to get you started and a few good tips for grilling, it’s time to head out to the nearest lake or river to do some crappie fishing. After catching a mess of fish, invite some friends over and enjoy a delicious meal together while reminiscing over old times.

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