A List Of Soft Plastics That Work Well For Crappie Fishing

It’s recommended that you carry a variety of different lures with you on each fishing trip. As you may already know, the crappie can be very picky at times so you never know what they will be in the mood for when you head out. By having different colors, styles and sizes on hand you can switch around until you discover which one is getting the most bites. This way, you can get the most out of all your fishing trips.

Tips for Presenting Soft Plastic Lures

There are many soft plastic lures that are excellent when it comes to crappie fishing but the lure itself is not enough to get the results you want. Your presentation is the main thing that will make the difference between a successful fishing trip and one where you end up going home disappointed. Your main concern is to make the lure move in a way that resembles the real thing.

When the bait is moving backwards or flying through the water at unbelievable speeds, the crappies are not going to strike at it. In fact, they are sure to swim away as fast as they can.

Practice reeling in the lure at different speeds and try different techniques until you find the ones that get the best results. Learn a little about the type of lure you are using and this will help you know how it should move in order to resemble the real thing. The more you practice, the easier it will be for you to mimic the movements so you can capture the attention of the crappies easier and faster.

Soft plastics lures are some of the best inventions ever made. They are simple to use and they work great. The next time you go crappie fishing, give one or two of the soft plastics listed above a try. Most likely, you will be pleased with the results. Have a great time reeling in those crappies!

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