How To Catch Crappie On West Point Lake

No matter which lure you decide to use your presentation is very important. The crappie will not strike at anything that just sits there. You need to keep it moving at all times. However, you can’t just move it around any old way. It has to mimic the movements of the real thing in order for the crappie to take notice and be attracted to the bait. If the lure is moving in an un-natural way or too fast, the crappies will ignore it and move on to something more realistic. Spend time working on your presentation until you find the moves that gets the best results.

Special Tips to Improve Your Crappie Fishing

Use West Point fishing reports for some great tips that will help improve your crappie fishing. These reports are full of useful information such as where the crappies are located, which baits they seem to be taking the best and which techniques are getting the most action. They can give you updates that will let you know what other anglers have to say about fishing for crappies in this lake.

You can use the Internet to access the West Point fishing reports when you are ready for this information.

Many anglers don’t realize that crappies can see very well, perhaps better than any other species. Therefore, you have to be careful when fishing for them to make sure they don’t see you or your gear. Choose you hook wisely and use fishing line that don’t stand out in the water. They will swim away from your bait if anything appears to be out of the ordinary.

When fishing for crappies you always want to look for structures. They seem to hang out around trees, stumps, rocks, ledges, grassy areas and so forth more than any other species. Therefore, starting in these areas is always a good idea. However, being the unpredictable species they are, it’s not uncommon to find them out in the open beneath a group of baitfish. It’s a good idea to search around the creeks that lead into this lake as well. The crappies tend to like these areas.

Before heading out to West Point Lake make sure you have your fishing license and that you are familiar with the rules and regulations that apply to this area. No one wants to have a fishing trip ruined by not obeying the rules. Have fun and enjoy reeling in those crappies.

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