Kawartha Crappie Fishing Secrets

In the summer you will need to go a little deeper out in the water. Usually, they can be found in water ranging about twenty feet deep. Using crankbaits is a good choice during this time of year because they are easy to get them down to where the fish are located. They tend to scatter out more during the summer but they can still be found in small groups.

When fall begins you can use the same techniques and baits that you used in the summer but the crappies will be a little slower to respond. The best time to go fishing is when it’s a nice breeze blowing or when it’s overcast. They will move up a little closer to the surface on these days. During the winter you can give ice fishing a try. However, if this is something new for you, be sure and follow all the safety rules. It can be dangerous when you’re not use to this type of environment.

Preparing for Your Fishing Trip

Before you start out on your Kawartha crappie fishing trip you need to get prepared. It’s nothing worse than getting out on the water only to find you forgot some of the gear that you intended to bring. This could ruin your fishing trip right from the start. Take some time to put together your tackle box and get all of your gear together. Make a check list and go over it right before you head out to make sure you have everything.

Decide where on the lake you plan to go fishing. Choose your location according to the season so you can go to the spots that will be the most productive. Pick up a map of the lake before you head out and this will help you find the best locations faster. You can mark the locations that have underwater structures, docks and other areas where the crappies should be plentiful. Always approach the crappie slowly and quietly when fishing Kawartha Lake because they do spook easily.

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