5 Best Places in Kansas for Crappie Fishing

Slough Creek
At Slough Creek near Highway 92 and DJ’s will be a good place to do some crappie fishing. Although, you may not have an abundance of crappies at the shoreline, you can use a boat and get to the schools in the deeper waters just off the shore. Use a tube jig on a eighteen inch lead and a bobber and slowly bring it in to get some bites. If you do this parallel to the shore, you will find the school.  Fishing Forecasts

When you are ready to go fishing, you should listen to the fishing reports. These reports will tell you the density rating of the water you want to fish as well as the preferred rating and the lunker rating. The lunker rating pertains to the trophy fish in the water and the preferred rating will tell you if the water is good for bigger fish on the water. The density rating will tell you if the fish are good sized or larger according to samplings.

Black and White Crappies
The white crappie males are sometimes mistaken for black crappies because the males turn a darker color during the spawn. Actually, the black crappies are found in the clear waters that have ample vegetation and the white crappies are found in almost any type of water.  If you need to find a good place to fish crappies in Kansas, this is a great start.

There are other waters with crappies, but they may be a bit more populated with other anglers. If you want some places that are less known to many, you can start with these five places. You can go to Kansas and return home with more fish to last you a while.

You can replenish your freezer a few times a year and always have a crappie dinner for the table, which makes it worth the trip to Kansas and the waters that no one knows about but a few.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow crappie fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on crappie fishing since 2004.

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