5 White Perch Facts

Since they’re a small species you don’t need any special equipment to catch them, which is one of the reasons why they are considered such a great choice for beginners. Still, a medium action fishing rod combined with a spinning or casting reel is ideal. Using four to eight pound test line is also recommended. If you decide to use a net it’s a good idea to pull the net over them from the head first for the best results.

Always use the smallest hooks you can and make sure they’re very sharp and in good shape. Sometimes sinkers will work better than bobbers so it’s a good idea to switch around and try both to see how they work in different situations. Always check your line to make sure there are no weak spots or that it’s been damaged in some way. This will help prevent you from losing a catch due to a frail fishing line.

When fishing for the white perch it’s recommended that you use several fishing rods at once. This way you can fish at different depths and use different baits to help you determine which one will get the best results. This will save you a lot of time making it possible to reel in more fish per trip. Rod holders will make it easier for you to handle multiple fishing rods at once.

The white perch is an excellent species for the novice angler to seek out because they’re the prefer size. They’re active enough to make fishing interesting so when you catch one, you’ll want to keep on fishing for them. When going on family fishing trips this is a good species to seek out because they can be caught easily by anglers of all ages.

These white perch facts can help you understand why this species is such a great one to seek out. They have many great qualities that make them a great sport fish. As more and more anglers learn how great this species is and discover how much fun it can be reeling them in, they’re sure to grow in popularity.

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