5 Secrets for Spring Crappie Fishing

Males and Females

The white crappie male and female can be judged by the darkish white color on the male and the white color of the female. The black crappie will be harder to tell the difference between males and females, but you can watch the spawning habits. If the male is protecting the eggs, you will know that you have the male and not the female. In more cases than any, it is hard to tell what sex fish you have, but if you remember that females lay the eggs and leave, you can bet you are looking at a male if you caught the fish guarding the eggs. They attack anything that comes near the nest.


When you are fishing during the spring months for crappie, you can cast right into the nesting area to catch the fish. The males are fighters when protecting the nest and will strike at anything that comes near. If you are waiting for the return to the deeper waters, sit at the mouth of channels and rivers. The best way to catch the crappie in this area is by sitting and casting.

Crappies are fairly easy to catch. If you use the right bait during the spring fishing, you should have no problems catching your limit. You can bait them with small minnows or insects. Sometimes it is easier to catch a male guarding the nest than it is to catch a female on the return from spawning. If you are adamant about catching a male crappie, look for the discoloration of the white crappie and look for the black crappie males guarding the nest. Once you see how easy it is to catch your daily limit, you will have no problem filling the freezer full for the next year.

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