Perch Fishing on Lake Erie

Equipment is one of the easiest things to determine for perch fishing. You do not need anything fancy to fish perch on Lake Erie. You can use a six-foot graphite rod and a spinning reel. The best thing about fishing this lake is that once you find the perch schools, you are going to catch perch if you have the right bait. It seems that perch fishing is about the bait, location and sometimes the weather conditions more so than it is about the equipment that you use. Any rod and reel will do until you catch your fill and move onto other fish on the lake.

The weather is also a consideration. You want a nice day with some sunlight, but overcast days do work great for perch fishing and other fish as well. Perch are not as fussy as other fish. However, if you plan to spend a few hours catching some perch and then fishing for walleye or steelheads, you will want the ideal weather conditions for mixed fishing. A nice warm day with some clouds will work well for fishing any fish species. You want to concentrate more on location and bait than the weather when fishing for perch.

In the end, perch fishing on Lake Erie is the best any time of the year, but you should fish the right areas. Once you find the school, fishing is easy. You do not need anything special other than a shiner, rod, reel and a hook to catch the perch. Once you find the school, you will have no problem walking away with your daily limit in a few hours. Use two rods and you will double your catches. Then do the same thing the next day and you will have plenty of perch fillets for the table.

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