Best Crappie Fishing Lakes

8.      Eagle Lake Eagle Lake is located in Mississippi close to Vicksburg. This is considered to be one of the best crappie fishing lakes found in Mississippi, especially during the spawning season.

9.      Jessie Lake In the Northern part of Minnesota you will find the Jessie Lake. It stretches across 1,753 acres and is well-known for having an abundant of crappie due to the reefs, bars and sunken island found in this lake. This is one of the reasons why it is such an excellent place to go crappie fishing.

10.  Pompton Lake This Lake is located in New Jersey and is one of the best lakes in this state for crappie fishing. In fact, the black crappie state record was caught in this lake.

Regardless of which lake you are fishing in there are a few general rules that you can follow to achieve the best results. For the most part you will find the crappie gathered together in groups around trees, brush, logs, rocks and other structures both manmade and natural.

Crappies spawn in the spring like other species making this the easiest time of year to locate them. Once you find where the crappies are located, catching them is fairly easy. They will normally be suspended approximately fifteen feet deep regardless of how deep the water is.

Crappie fishing is the best species for young people to start out catching because they are easy to reel in. As with most species of fish both patients and persistence are needed when crappie fishing if you want to be successful. Therefore, when you go out crappie fishing, plan on relaxing and staying awhile and you should be rewarded with a nice catch for the day.

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