How To Catch Crappie In Lake Zorinsky, Nebraska

There are anglers that are taking bass boats out on Lake Zorinsky, Nebraska. They are having excellent luck catching crappie while trolling. This is ideal for anyone who has a map and fish locator to find the schools of crappie. They are also catching crappie by sitting in one place and dropping the bait right into the middle of the school. They seem to have a knack for finding the right area right away and catching their limits in no time. Zorinsky is the ideal place to fish for crappie as well as bass and walleye.

Even in the winter, the ice fishing is good. You can get some crappie during the winter months when you do some ice fishing, but you never hear much about crappie fishing on Zorinsky during ice fishing season. They do catch some walleye and a few other species, but crappies are not as common a catch during the winter. The spawn was late this year it seems because of the weather and water temperatures. The crappies were easy to catch during the spawning and after. Because Lake Zorinsky is so populated, one can expect to catch a daily limit everyday.

All you need is the basic lures or a minnow on a jig and you will catch the crappie. If you need somewhere to start, get a map from the local bait shop. The map is going to show the areas where you can find some great crappie fishing.

Talk to some of the other anglers on the lake as well, because they are going to be catching the crappie by the boatload. Crappies are one of the easiest fish to catch next to bass. It does not take much work to take your fill for the day and have a good fish dinner.

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