A Guide For Crappie Fishing In Nebraska

You also need to learn the trends and feeding patterns of the crappie in Nebraska and when the best fishing times are for each lake in your area. One thing that the veterans of this state have learned about this area is that Interstate 80 runs close to many of the major lakes and rivers. This makes getting from one area to another fast and easy. Therefore, if you are not having a lot of luck in one lake, you can always jump on the interstate and be in a different location in no time at all.

Lakes Accessible From Interstate 80

One of Nebraska’s largest lakes is located along the western part of Nebraska and it is called Lake McConaughy. This lake covers 30,000 acres and has many great opportunities available when it comes to great crappie fishing. It is easy to get to this lake and anglers of all ages and skill levels really enjoy all that it has to offer.

The Chappell Interstate Lake was created as a result of Lodgepole Creek being redirected for the construction of Interstate 80 and it is another excellent place for crappie fishing. Lake Zorinsky and Maloney are two more big lakes that are located along this Interstate. Basically, you can ride up and down the Interstate and get off at any exit and find an excellent place to go crappie fishing in Nebraska.

The more you learn about the area, the natural food of the crappie and the best places to locate them the sooner you will be having a wonderful time crappie fishing in Nebraska. You will have many opportunities to create some great fishing stories to share with your kids and grandkids one day. Enjoy crappie fishing on the waters of Nebraska every chance you get.

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