How To Catch Crappie In Lake Champlain

All of these methods work great so your choice will mainly depend on where you are on the lake and which technique you are most comfortable with using. In the springtime and fall months you will have the best luck when fishing with jigs and spinners. This is when you need to fish in the shallows where the crappie will be spawning. Jigs and spoons work great in the summer months and jigs and worms are great for crappie fishing in the winter.

Look for the crappie in areas where there is plenty of cover such as brush, stumps, grass, submerged trees and any other type of cover where they can hide out. Crappies can usually be found near the surface of the water during the early morning and late afternoon hours. However, as with most species they will move out to the deeper water during the heat of the day. The crappies in Lake Chaplain tend to move back out to the deeper water during the night. They will feed during this time as well so you can catch crappie anytime day or night.

Live bait will always get you some great results when crappie fishing. However, many people find it difficult to use live bait so if this is not an option for you, then crappie jigs and lures are the best to use for artificial bait. The lures that resemble insects, worms and minnows are recommended because they are the crappies natural food source. If you have never been crappie fishing in Lake Champlain before you are sure to have a great time and will be planning your next trip very soon.

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