Catching Crappie In Lake Granger, Texas

Watching the water temperatures during May will tell you how the crappie fishing will be and what to use. When the temperatures are seventy-five and the water is clear, use a jig in shallow waters. When the temperature is seventy-eight and the water is strained, use a chartreuse jig in shallow waters. When the water is murky, use a chartreuse jig in about two to ten feet of water. Crappies are not as particular abut what they eat like walleye and pike, but they do prefer something small. How you present the bait is more important than what you present.

It does cost more to use night crawlers and minnows, so anglers have been known to use some popular artificial lures. With live bait, you have to have a set up to keep the bait alive, but with the artificial lures, you have no worries and more time to fish. On Lake Granger, Texas, anglers have used marabou jigs, curlytail grubs and spinners. The marabou jigs can be made by hand if you have some pipe cleaners and yarn. You cannot get much cheaper than that. For the grubs, use a one and a half to two and a half inch grub. Use a one-eight jighead with them and you will catch your fair share of crappies.

Do some vertical jigging to catch crappies. This technique works the best around the rock piles and underwater structures. The anglers around the Lake Granger area usually have the best time fishing because the crappies are so easy to catch. It is not fishing for any other fish, you usually find an abundance of crappies no matter where you go to fish in and around Texas. The fish are always biting.

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