What Does The Black Crappie Eat

The best color will depend on the type of water, how deep it is and even the temperature of the water. The best advice is to have a variety of different colors with you and if one is not getting the response you want, then switch off and try something new.

As a general rule the red and orange colors work the best in shallow water. Use the yellow and green for medium depth and blue or black in the deepest waters. White colors can be used at most any depth. This is just a guide and it’s recommended that you do experiment to find the best colors for your location.

Another basic rule is to use the brighter colors such as the orange, reds and greens in clear water and in murky waters use light blues, chartreuse, black and yellows.

Bait will usually be dependent on the time of year you go fishing for the black crappie and what is most easily available. Hungry crappie are not as particular as many other breeds will be. This gives you a lot of leeway in what you can feed them and still make a catch. Just as important as knowing what they eat is knowing how to fish for them properly.

Keep in mind the black crappie has a very thin mouth, hence the nickname papermouth. Because of this you may need some practice learning how to set the hook without pulling it all the way through the mouth.

If this happens not only will you lose the catch but it causes excessive damage to the fish that could have been avoided. Try using a slight snap of the wrist to set the hook and this should provide enough force to hook the fish but not tear all the way through.

Keep in mind when you’re fishing for black crappie that they can be unpredictable at times. This means you should bring along extra bait and types of bait in case they don’t go for the first one you try. Even if you’ve fished in the same spot day after day with the same bait, there may come a day when they just don’t feel like eating what you’re dropping. This means it’s time to try something different.

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