How To Go Trolling For Crappie

When you run across an area where you are getting lots of bites some anglers suggest stopping and spending some time in this location to fish. Crappie are school fish, which means that if you catch one, then there should be many more in the same area. Of course, when you are no longer getting any bites then you will need to start the whole process over again to search for another school.

Basic Information

It is usually a good idea to start trolling about fifty to one hundred feet from the shoreline and head downwind. Your boat may drift for the most part but the trolling motor will keep you steady and on course. Don’t let it move too fast or the crappie will just watch the bait go by and you won’t get any bites. You know that crappie stay near structures such as stumps, rocks, trees and brushes so make sure you spend some time around these areas.

Don’t overextend yourself by trying to use too many poles all at once. Four or five is plenty at one time, unless you have a few other fishermen with you to help out. It is suggested that you always have at least one other person with you at all times. Using bobbers is a great idea that will help you determine when you are getting a bite by making it easier to see when the fish strikes the line.

Always remember to mark the areas where you find the fish on a map or enter the coordinates on your GPS system so you will be able to find them the next time you go out. Fish normally follow the same paths each day depending on the season in which you are fishing. Always be gentle when reeling in a crappie because their mouths are fragile. If you catch large crappie you will need to use a net to pull them into the boat to prevent tearing the mouths. Now that you know the basics, it time to go out and have a great time trolling for crappie!

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