Are there online crappie fishing clubs I can join to share my experiences with others?

Are there online crappie fishing clubs I can join to share my experiences with others?

What is better than having an online fishing club to come to every day to find out about the latest happenings is the world of fishing?  Even better is having a few friends to share them with.  There are many great online opportunities for you to do this.  Your goal should be to find the type of fishing club that works for you.  Some are divided into types of fishing such as crappie fishing clubs or saltwater fishing clubs.  Others are regional based.  If you like to fish in one area, do look for these as they are invaluable during and before the fishing season.


What’s more, realize that you have this huge selection of knowledge here including many articles, tips, and questions answered for you.


Nevertheless, if you really want a few great fishing clubs to consider, here are some to think about.


American Crappie Association:  great for those that are first starting out or long time lovers of this game. 


The Ascarate Fishing Club:  this is another choice, but is a local area based one.  Find more information about it at


The Total Fishing Club:  This is one that is based out of the United Kingdom, but quite a bit of information is available.


U.S. Angler:  Great resource for additional information, but also features a bass fishing club.  Look for the Boca Raton Fishing Club too.  Visit for more information.


The Official Halifax Sport Fishing Club:  For those in the area, this is a good choice, too.  Visit for more information.


Looking for online crappie fishing clubs can be difficult because most are locally based.  Yet, when you want information, tips and strategies for catching your favorite fish, be sure to bookmark this site.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow crappie fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on crappie fishing since 2004.

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