Best crappie lakes in Kentucky

Where is the best lake in Kentucky for Crappie Fishing?

     Best is relative term. But in this case, it’s a pretty easy choice. My vote goes to either Kentucky Lake or Barkley Lake. I can’t pick between the two.

     Kentucky Lake has a larger proportion of Black Crappie, compared to White, than Barkley does. Black Crappie tend to spawn earlier than White, and stay in the shallows a bit longer. So if you are a Black Crappie afficianado, then Kentucky Lake would be your best bet.

     The two top areas on Kentucky Lake in the spring are the Blood River and Jonathan Creek embankments.

     I believe Barkley Lake contains a larger population of ‘trophy’ sized crappie of both species, but it is really hard to pick between the two lakes. Each has it’s strong points.

     Some other Kentucky lakes are worth Honorable Mention:

     Nolin River Lake, near Louisiville, is a deep lake, but still has enough structure at the proper depths to make it a premier crappie lake. It has large populations of both Black and White crappie.

      Talorsville Lake in Spencer, Anderson and Nelson counties has very good crappie fishing, especially around the Big Beech and Little Beech embankment areas.

     And lastly, Buckhorn Lake in southeastern Kentucky has large populations of both White and Black Crappie, with the added bonus that it doesn’t get nealy as much fishing pressure as the other 4 lakes. Almost all the good crappie fishing on this lake is along the main channel. Just follow along the old river bed and you will catch crappie.


Dan Eggertsen is a fellow crappie fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on crappie fishing since 2004.

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