Best places in Texas for crappie fishing

If you love fishing for crappies, then Texas is the place to be. Texas has a mild environment that’s perfect for fishing all year long. Occasionally a cold winter or extremely hot summer will hinder the fishing experience but most of the time it’s excellent. Anglers travel from all over the nation to take advantage of the great fishing opportunities found here.

Crappies can adapt to most any type of environment making it possible for them to grow and thrive even when their environment changes. For this reason, they usually grow and multiply in all types of waters from large rivers to small ponds.

There are many places to go crappie fishing in Texas but a few of the best places are listed below:
* Lake Conroe- Search the brush-piles scattered throughout this lake for some excellent crappie fishing.
* Lake Cooper- When fishing in the winter, this is one of the best places to be. Look for the area where the shad is gathered together and the crappie should be close by.
* Lake Mineral Wells- This Lake is subject to special rules set forth by the park so be sure and find out what these are before you go fishing.
* Lake Livingston- Some of the largest crappies you’ll find in Texas are living in this lake and they are plentiful.
* Sam Rayburn Reservoir- The crappie fishing in this area is great all year long. Search for them around the drop-offs and old trees located throughout the lake.
* Toledo Bend- The crappie can be fished in this river all year long and using minnows and jigs will get the best results.
* White Rock Lake- The crappies are plentiful in this lake and they grow to some healthy sizes. It’s also a great place to fish all year long.
* Stamford Reservoir- The best time to fish this reservoir is in the spring but the crappie will bite all year long.
* Granger Lake- This Lake is full of crappie making it a fisherman’s dream but the fishing is best during the spring and fall.
* Lake 0′ The Pines- The black crappie are the most abundant here but you can find the white crappie too.
* Coffee Mill Lake- Coffee Mill Lake has the largest population of crappies in the surrounding area.
* Lake Texana- Some of the largest crappies can be found around the submerged brush and along the creek channels in this lake.
* Lake Arrowhead- The white crappies are the most plentiful in this lake and the best fishing time is in the spring.
* Ray Roberts Lake- Surprisingly, the best time to go fishing in this lake is in the winter, which makes it a bit unusual compared to others.

Crappies can be found suspended throughout the water at different depths depending on the weather, temperature of the water and a variety of other things. Finding the depth where they’re located is usually the hardest part but once you do, this is where you’ll need to fish throughout the duration of your
fishing trip.

There are several methods to use when determining the depth of the crappies such as, timing your drops but using electronics is by far the easiest way to learn where they’re located. Depth finders are not as expensive as they were at one time and they do make all of your fishing trips more productive.

Some of the best techniques to use when crappie fishing in Texas includes the following: Still-fishing, drifting, casting and trolling. Each of these methods will make it easier to find the depth and to get the bait into the areas where the crappies are the most plentiful.

Choose your technique based on when and where you’re fishing. For example, when the crappies have moved out to the deeper parts of the water, trolling is an excellent method because it helps you cover a large area fast and makes it easier to find the right depth. Drifting is an excellent method to use when
fishing from a river bank.

Taking a variety of baits with you on all of your crappie fishing trips will increase the odds of reeling in more fish. Crappies will often strike at most anything you offer them but sometimes they can be very picky and you have to try different things to get them to bite. When fishing with live bait use minnows and worms for the best results.
Some of the best artificial lures to have on hand are the marabou jigs, curlytail grubs and spinners.

Crappie fishing in Texas is some of the best you’ll ever do and once you’ve had the pleasure of fishing in some of these waters, it won’t be quite the same anywhere else. However, it is important to know that the rules and regulations for fishing are strictly enforced in Texas and they are different depending on where you’re fishing in the state. Therefore, it’s important to know the rules before you head out.

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