Bill Dance Crappie Fishing

Bill Dance may be one of the most known fisherman in the world. Bill Dance currently lives in the Memphis Tennessee area, but has been known for traveling all over the world.

Bill Dance, has been fishing for literally all of his life. He is a member of the International Fishing Hall of Fame, and has won at least 23 nation bass titles, and has received 3 “Angler of The Year“ awards.

Bill Dance Interactive Fishing

Bill Dance Bass Fishing is a mobile game that allows its played to test their fishing skills against an almost unlimited number of fishing scenarios. It challenges the played to catch large fish, while dealing with typical Mother Nature. Then, they can compare their catch of the day with other “fishermen” all around the world. The players can customize their tackle box with different lures for catching that perfect fish. They can also receive expert advice from Bill Dance which will be supplied to the game on a continually refreshed basis so they can learn while they fish.

While most mobile fishing games only allow the player to fish in one or two conditions, Bill Dance Bass Fishing allows the user almost endless possibilities. Differences in weather, water clarity, water depth,

“This Kayak mobile game is fun to play anytime, especially when I can’t get out to do what I love best,” says Bill Dance. “We’ve designed a game that provides people with an opportunity to enjoy fishing even when they are not near the water and to learn how to catch more fish when they are.”

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