How to Catch More Crappie in the Wintertime: Winter Crappie Fishing Tips

You should consider that the metabolism of these fish slows considerably during the winter months. They will not feed as often, and they will not be as active. In spite of this, if you look about midway in the water, for depths of about fifteen to twenty-five feet, in areas where there is plenty of structure and where you can see baitfish, you are sure to find the catch you seek in crappie. This is because though they are a little lazy at this time, they still need to eat, and are probably not going to turn down what they see as a tasty repast when it is dangling right in front of their faces. Be sure it is you dangling something at them!

If you are an avid crappie angler, chances are you have either an eleven or a twelve foot specialty rod designed for catching crappie. If this is the case, you are certainly well equipped for doing the best job possible catching your limit. If you use a type of vertical presentation, trolling slowly and using your own jigs for bait, concentrate on the deeper areas of your body of water, look for the presence of bait fish, look for areas that would provide the crappie plenty of shelter, and you should have good luck.

If you are persistent and patient, you can have success finding a prime catch of crappie no matter the time of year, but good, common sense is your best asset. Crappie don’t favor heavy current, so look for areas with a slower run. Just avoiding the main channel of the river will increase your chances as well.

The real secret to getting a good catch of crappie is knowing where to fish. If you choose areas where the water is dark, rather than clear, and try to fish midsized flowages rather than really large lakes, with deep water areas being heavily wooded, you should have lots of good action.

It also pays to remind the angler that he needs to be prepared in this type of weather for his own protection. Even with these winter crappie fishing tips, you will need to sit outside for quite some time waiting for the tug on your line. Be prepared to remain there for some time.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow crappie fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on crappie fishing since 2004.

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