Crappie Fishing Florida

Florida boasts an of abundance of fishing resources making it one of the most popular places to plan a fishing vacation.

You are allowed a total of 25-30 Crappie per day, depending on the area in which you are fishing. Local game rangers strictly enforce this rule, and strong punishments are a consequence of breaking this rule, so you should be careful about keeping count!

Florida Hot Spots

LAKE GEORGE- A little north of Lake Kissimmee, there is a larger lake spanning over 46,000 acres. Lake George is east of Ocala. One of the main features of Lake George is the large St. Johns River, which empties into the lake on the south end, and then exits on the north end.

There a number of clear streams of water spilling out of springs, some of the most popular being Juniper Springs, Salt Springs, and Silver Glen Springs. These springs can mostly be found west of the lake in the Ocala national Forest.

While artificial bait is popular on this lake, the most common bait used is grass shrimp. Wigglers are also a popular bait.

CHOCTAWHACHEE RIVER- The Choctawhatchee River, named one of the 10 top best fishing destinations in the state, is ideal for Crappie fishing. The river actually begins in Alabama and runs south to the Choctawhatchee Bay on the Gulf Of Mexico.

The Choctawhatchee River does not contain any dams or dredging. An ample amount of cover is available because of submerged logs and weeds.

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