Crappie Fishing Lakes

If you really enjoy some good winter ice fishing, Lake of the Woods on the border between Minnesota and Ontario is one of the most production crappie fishing lakes you’ll find. This unbelievably large lake spreads over one-half million acres with over 14,000 islands. Crappie here are typically over two pounds, since it is so large and the catch can virtually never be tapped out, especially since some anglers are intimidated by the size of the lake. Check out the bays that lead to the huge shallow flats in warmer months, but realize that, in the winter, crappie will be down at least 35-40 feet most of the time. Also be prepared for complete solitude, as you’ll have literally hundreds of acres to yourself during almost any excursion.

Millwood Reservoir in Arkansas is also one of the best crappie fishing lakes for producing consistently larger than average crappie, with most being at least 1 ½ pounds and several reaching between 2 and 3 pounds. A good day will produce over 30 fish for a single angler, and the best place to look is in the cypress knees just above the water.

Late winter headed into spring is a popular time to head out to Deep Creek Lake in Maryland. While you won’t find an overall abundance of crappie in this lake, the reason it is considered one of the best crappie fishing lakes is due to the size of the fish you will catch. Because the lake stays cold and the waters are deep, crappie fatten up and stay toward the bottom, growing to incredible sizes, including regular lengths of over 13 inches and weights topping three pounds.

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