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One place where you can find current crappie fishing reports from practically any area of the country is, where you’ll find several forum posts dedicated to such matters. This site has all sorts of other information for crappie fishermen as well, so it is definitely a gem to check out. Or, if you are really dedicated to finding crappie fishing reports for your area in a hurry, try, where you can break the forums down by country, state, and then lake to find the fishing conditions of the exact lake you intend to visit.

Crappie fishing reports are really a service provided by fishermen to fellow fishermen to inform them of the likelihood that their fishing excursion will be a successful one. Rather than waste time, money, energy, and bait on a lake where the crappie aren’t biting, keeping track of and reviewing crappie fishing reports before leaving can redirect anglers to better areas for a good catch. They can also be used to better plan supplies; depending upon what type of bait the fish are biting, they can pack the tackle box appropriately. Also, if the water temperature is quite low, the air temperature will probably be quite chilly, letting them know just how warmly to dress.

Much like a weather forecast, crappie fishing reports can prepare anglers for the day or days ahead, preparing them for the catch much in the same way a weather forecast forewarns of a heat wave or a rainstorm. Of course, much like people venturing out in a thunderstorm, a real fisherman won’t let a negative report keep him off the lake!

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow crappie fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on crappie fishing since 2004.

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