Crappie Hook Sizes

What size of hook is the best choice for Crappie fishing?

     I’ve had many people ask me about what size hook to use for crappie. There is no simple answer. It depends upon what you are using for bait.

     If you are fishing with minnows, you’ll want to use a #2 light wire Aberdeen hook, so as not to kill the minnow and allow it some freedom of movement. If you are jig fishing, then a 1/8 oz. sized  marabou jig, or Roadrunner is about right.

     The hook size is not nearly as important as the hook gap. If you use a live bait hook such as a Cabelas #117447, you can use a smaller hook, maybe down to a size 6, because of the wider gap. The smaller hook is easier on your bait. Also, crappie have a soft mouth that tears easy. Smaller hooks lessen the chance of loosing a fish by pulling his lips off. If you plan on releasing your fish, then the smaller hook does less damage and gives the fish a better chance to survive.

     For French type spinners such as a Mepps, or Roostertail, the OO sizes work well, but you can go up to a size 0 or 1 if the crappie in your area tend to run to the ‘ barn-door’ sizes. A 1/8 oz. Roostertail or Panther Martin is plenty small enough, but they hit them  all the way up to ¼ oz. size as well.

      A size 0 Daredevil is about right for crappie. Crank-Baits should be the ultra-light size like the ones made by Heddon and Rapala. A 1/8 size Lazy Ike is deadly on crappie.

     For Fly Fishing, size 8-12 Crappie Candy and Clouser Minnow flies are about as good as it gets. Tie them on a straight-eye streamer hook.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow crappie fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on crappie fishing since 2004.

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