Crappies are more active during certain times

Is there a certain time of day when Crappie’s are more active?

There is no time of day where Crappie are more active, but there is times of the year.

Although there are no special times of the day where Crappie are more active, there is a certain time of the day where a little trick makes it easier to catch them.

The best time of day for Crappie fishing is actually night. It is well known that Crappie can generally be caught at any time of the day or night, but for the seasoned anglers a simple trick increases their chances of landing Crappie in the darkness of late hours.

To make night the best time for catching Crappie many anglers use little lights near the water to attract bugs, the reason for this is because bugs attract small fish who in turn attract bigger fish that eat little fish, like the Crappie. This little trick gives you a well baited area to increase your chances of catching Crappie.

Although Crappie fish are quite active through out the year, there are times of the year when they become more active than others. During the spring months and the months of autumn (called fall in America); the crappie feed more than any other time. The reason they feed so much at this time coincides with the change in temperature and their own life cycles.

During the spring months as the weather gets warmer, so does the temperature of the water, this starts the cycle of Crappie spawning. Just before the temperature is right to spawn (around 52 to 60 degrees) the fish move into the more shallow waters and begin feeding wildly.

In the autumn months when the weather starts to cool after the hot summer months, so does the temperature of the water causing the Crappie to do nothing but feed in an aggressive manner to build up their fat stores for the winter.

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