Five tactics to use on croppys

Croppys are a popular game fish that’s also known by the names papermouth, crappie, slabs, specks and white perch. The average size is one pound but it’s not uncommon to catch a crappie weighing as much as five pounds.
Both the black and the white croppy can be found all over the nation and in most any type of
water from lakes and rivers to small ponds.

They’re sought out by both the novice and the experienced angler for several reasons. First of all, they’re a small species that’s easy to catch but they’ll put up a fight that’ll get your attention. This makes them a fun species to
catch and they taste great too so, many anglers seek them out for food. Another reason anglers are attracted to this species is because they can be fished anytime day or night and you can catch them in any season.

Of course, one of the best times to seek out this species is in the spring right before the spawning season starts. Croppys begin to spawn when the water reaches between 52 and 60 degrees. However, the fish will move in closer to the shore before the spawning season begins.

This is referred to as the pre-spawning season and they’ll be very aggressive during this time feeding on almost anything you offer them. During the fall is another great time to fish for this species because they’re very active but they can be caught in the summer and winter too.

Croppys Fishing Tactics

Even though croppys are fairly easy to catch, it’s important to have a few good tactics available to increase the number of bites you get when fishing such as the one’s discussed below. Having a plan can help to make all of your fishing trips more productive and fun.

Five tactics to use on croppys:

1. Once you spot a school of croppys, place the bait slightly above the school of fish instead of parallel to them. Their eyes are on the top of the head so this is where they’ll see it faster. If the bait is even with the fish or below them, it will reduce the number of bites you could be getting.

2. If you want to catch this species it would be wise to fish around structures such as rocks, fallen trees, brush and stumps. They like to hide out around structures where the baitfish is the most plentiful. Therefore, these are the best places to concentrate your efforts.

3. Night fishing for croppys with lanterns is an excellent tactic that will get results. When you place a lantern in or slightly above the water at night, it will draw the baitfish to your area. As a result, the croppys will be drawn to you as well because they will be following the baitfish.

4. This species is very active and they move around a lot. For this reason, it would be wise to learn about the patterns the croppy in your area follows. One way to do this is by using a GPS system to mark their movements and to keep track of where you find them during each season. They do tend to follow the same patterns each year so you can retrace your steps. Another way of tracking them is by following the baitfish because this is what they are doing.

5. Use a lightweight rod and reel combo with monofilament fishing line and small tackle for the best results.
Use the smallest hook for the job and make sure it’s not visible. Since this species can see so well, they can actually see the hook sticking out of the bait and will not take your offering.

Using these tactics can help to improve your croppy fishing adventures and help you bring home more fish. This is what makes fishing so exciting so the more you catch, the better fishing trip you can have.

Croppys Fishing Tips

Many things will have an effect on the way the croppys respond to your bait. For example, the water temperature will affect the way they behave. The colder the water the better this species can see. Therefore, they can be spooked easier when you’re fishing in cold water so you need to be more careful.

The minnow is the favorite food of this species and they work in most all situations. Nevertheless, there are times when the crappie won’t take this bait at all. When this happens, it’s good to be armed with a variety of artificial lures that can get results. The best selection is jigs because there are so many different styles and colors to choose from that you can usually find something that’ll work in all situations.

Use a depth finder to help you locate the croppys faster and easier. They will
be suspended at different depths depending on when you go fishing. Finding this
depth without electronics can be very time consuming and this can interfering
with your quality fishing time.

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