Five things you need to know about white perch habitat

Locating where white perch are is the secret to being able to successfully get plenty of them .They spend time in very large schools so once you find that spot where they are at you have a goldmine. As long as you have time on your hands and the right bait there is no reason why you can’t come out at the end of the day with plenty of them to cook for dinner.

White perch are typically found in various river locations. They stick to water that has no salt in it or very little amounts of it. You won’t find them in fast moving waters or those that are salt water only locations. They tend to enjoy the areas of the water that are slow moving but that are also deep. This means you may not readily see them because they will be well below the surface.

Don’t be hesitant to pay attention to what other people in a given area are catching either. Ask them if they have had any luck with white perch as many people are more than willing to share such information while out fishing.

Look for locals that may fish in a given area on a regular basis too. They tend to be able to tell you where the white perch will be at any given time of year. They may have a good idea of their migrational patterns, if they are spawning, and other information that can influence their location.

Anywhere that you see large trees with branches that go over the water you may have found a white perch school hanging out. This is especially true on hot afternoons. They use the shade from those tree branches to help them to cool off. They also have another very good reason for being under those trees though. That is where there will be plenty of insects that fall into the water for them to feed upon.

That is a bonus for you too because if the white perch are in a position under trees and looking for food then they will be very likely to take your bait. Small creeks are a commonly overlooked place though where you may find the white perch at. I suggest that you look at fishing reports though to find out for sure. The last thing you want is to be at a lake or creek all day and come away empty handed.

If you can get to the Hudson River or to South Carolina you will have plenty of white perch to choose from. There is great fishing for them all around the Chesapeake Bay area too due to the habitat conditions in that particular region. I have heard that along the reservoirs of Maryland you will also find lots of spots for them. Once again though you need to look at the time of year and their movements.

One location that I would love to try my luck for the white perch is Nova Scotia. It remains on my list of places to go though. I have gotten data from many fishermen in that area that this is ideal. They also find some larger than
average white perch around there which is always a nice bonus. They have such a delicious flavor to them that you will want to have the largest possible filets that you can. Of course that taste is what also puts the demand on finding white perch by many avid fishermen so you will have some competition.

One thing that I want to add though is that the temperatures of the water can influence where the white perch are going to be at. When it is cooler they are going to get deeper and deeper down into the water where it is warmer. The time of day that you are out there looking for them can have a huge impact on what your results will be.

During spawning times it can be a guessing game more than usual to find them. This is because they can swim long distances and may not be in the same place tomorrow where you located them today.

That can take some careful examination. Once again I say to look at the fishing reports that the Division of Wildlife offers. Then you will be able to gauge the best time to go look for the white perch and where. You want to do all you can to tip the scales in your favor that you will have a winning hand for your day and these tips should help you out.

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