How do you Fillet a Crappie

If you plan on saving the crappie for a few days before cooking them you can place them in an air tight baggy and freeze after the soaking process. This will keep them fresh for several days and they will taste the same as if you cooked them immediately after soaking.

The steps above will help teach you how to fillet a crappie but you need to catch them first before you can prepare them to be cooked. For this reason, we threw in a few tips for catching crappie that can help improve your technique a little.

Start by using lightweight gear combined with small hooks and bait. The mouth of the crappie is very small and fragile and they won’t seek out bait that is too big. If the hook is too large then they will actually be able to see it and will not strike. Even if they do try to strike at the bait they won’t be able to get a large hook into their mouth so you won’t be able to hook it. This fish can see very well too so you have to be careful not to startle them or use gear they can see.

Another thing that you need to think about and experiment with is colors. As just mentioned the crappie can see very well so the color of the lures that you use will make a difference. They will be more attracted to certain colors than others but this will depend on the type of water you’re fishing in and how deep you’re fishing. Generally, the following rules apply when it comes to lure colors. White is considered a neutral color so it can be fished anytime. Use red in shallow water followed by orange, yellow, green, blue and black.

The last thing that you need to do is follow all water safety rules. Fishing is a fun and exciting sport with many benefits but accidents can happen. Abiding by the safety rules will help to ensure you stay safe so, you can return again for another fishing adventure along with many more excellent crappie meals.

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