How to catch more when crappie fishing

Many people fish for crappies because they are a great tasting fish. When cookedup just right and served with side dishes, crappies can be one of the best tasting fish you’ve ever eaten. The pure white meat has a mellow flavor and it’s firm and tasty. Others fish for crappies just for the fun of it. This is an excellent species to seek out when you’re first learning how to fish.

They’re a small species so they’re easily handled and you won’t need any special gear to fish for them. Still, they can put up a very good fight for their size and this keeps things interesting. They’re very active and strong for their size. In fact, they have even been known to fight so hard that they activated drag systems and caused regular fishing rods to bend to the breaking point.

There are two types of crappies called the black and the white crappie. They look very similar but there are a few distinguishing features that set them apart. They can be found in all types of waters located all over the nation so finding them is not a problem. However, catching them can be a challenge especially if they decide to be picky. In these cases, the tips listed below can help you be more productive.

How to catch more when crappie fishing:
* Take some time to learn all about the crappie. This information will help you learn what type of seasonal patterns they follow so you’ll know where to start searching for them and where they should be the most plentiful.
* When fishing in the spring and fall, it’s a good idea to stay near the shoreline because this is where the crappies will be the most plentiful. It’s also when they’ll be the most active so this makes it easier to get more bites.
* In the summer and winter they will move out to the deeper parts of the water. Using a method like trolling will help to increase the number of bites you receive.
* When fishing around stumps, trees and similar structures, you’ll need to use a method that allows you to get the bait in close without scaring the fish away before you get a chance to hook them. Casting, jigging and drift
fishing are all great methods to try.
* Give the crappies something they are attracted to and they’ll usually take the bait. They’re very fond of minnows and worms but jigs and soft plastic lures can be very effective as well.
* Crappies can see very well so it’s important to use the smallest tackle possible that will still get the job done. This will reduce the risks of the crappies seeing your tackle or fishing line and swimming off in the opposite direction.
* Be careful when setting the hook. Many anglers have lost a nice catch because they jerked the line too hard when trying to set the hook and pulled it all the way through the small, soft mouth of this species.
* When using artificial lures be careful with your presentation and make sure you’re using the lures in a natural, realistic way. Crappies scare easily and they won’t touch anything that acts out of character.
* Carry a variety of lures with you each time you go fishing so you can try different things when the crappies arebeing picky. This increases the odds of having something that will entice them to strike.
* Take advantage of electronics that can help you locate the crappies faster and easier.
* Once you find a school of crappies, start fishing from the outside of the school and go inward. This way, you can take full advantage of the school by fishing it thoroughly without scaring them away.
* Stay as quiet as you can when crappie fishing. If you make a lot of unnecessary noise you’ll scare them away before you even get a chance to fish for them.
* Try a variety of techniques to learn what works the best in different situations and this will enhance your fishing skills making you more productive.
* Stay alert and keep a close eye on your fishing line. It can be very hard to detect when you get a bite so this is necessary to make sure you don’t miss a strike. Using a bobber can also make it easier to tell when you have a

The tips above can help improve your skills and help you reel in more crappies so you can make all of your fishing trips a fun filled adventure. Even on the rare occasions that you do go home empty handed, crappie fishing is still a fun and exciting way to spend your free time. Just being out on the water and this close to nature can help you relax and get a new lease on life.

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