How to Choose Perch Fishing Lures

They are attracted to bright flashy colors so, you don’t need to be conservative. Go ahead and experiment a little and pick out some of those unusual colors. Jigs are a great option because there are so many different types available that are perfectly suited for the perch.
There are many different spinners and crankbaits that are very effective as well. Tips for

Selecting the Rest of Your Gear
Now that you have a pretty good idea of how to find the right lures, you need to know what other type of gear to use as well. It’s very important that you use small hooks. Since the perch is a small species if you use a hook and lure that is too big, you won’t get any bites. This species can see well and will swim away if they see something that is unusual.

It’s also suggested that you use a stiff rod and four to eight pound test line. Monofilament line is recommended for the best results. Any basic rod and reel will do perfectly for catching perch because they don’t require anything special. Always check your line and the rest of your gear to make sure it’s in good condition every so often. It would be a shame if you lost a good catch due to weak line.

Drifting, casting and trolling are great methods to use for reeling in this species. Perch can be found in a number of different areas but one of the first places you should start your search would be in and around weed beds. They love to hide out in these and wait for baitfish to swim by. Lily pads, harbors, docks and piers are also excellent places to find perch.

If you’re not sure at what depth to start fishing, it’s recommended that you start as close to the bottom as you can and slowly move up until you start getting bites. The more you know about the perch, their habitat and their natural food source, the easier it will be to reel in a nice catch.

Take a little time to learn all you can about them and the water that you’re fishing in and you’re sure to have a great fishing trip every time.

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