How to find a good crappie fishing forum

It can be exciting to take part in a forum for crappie fish. However, it is important to understand that they aren’t all the same. Taking your time to look around and find someplace that is of value to you and where you feel comfortable is very important. You may need to sign up for several before you find it.

Look for those that allow you to come in and look around as a visitor. You won’t be able to post anything but you can read information. This can give you a very good indicator if you want to be around this forum or not. As you explore the features you can decide if you want to sign up or if you want to continue looking.

One thing to evaluate is if you want to sign up for a forum that is specifically for crappie fishing or that covers the wide spectrum of the sport of fishing. There can be a huge difference in the number of members and even the information that will be found there. Keep in mind that if it is general you should have filters that allow you to get the information you want specific to crappie at any point in time.

First, forums should always be free to join. If you come across those that want you to pay a membership fee bypass them. You aren’t going to get any better information from those than one for free so don’t spend your money. This tactic is merely a clever way for them to make more money.

Once you have created your log in information, you can find out how many members there are and how many are logged on. You want to be part of a crappie fish forum that provides you with lots of people. Then you can find those that have information you need and you can share your own stories.

Don’t waste your time with any such forum that is difficult to navigate. The process for where you go and how to get there should be very simple and straightforward. If you feel that you are spending most of your time trying to navigate the site then you are in the wrong forum.

Explore the process for reading posts, for replying to them, and for starting new threads. You want to be sure you are in compliance from start to finish with such a process. You also want to make sure that you are able to get the information you seek. There should be features that allow you to filter information by keywords too.

The background colors and the size of the text is something you want to look at with any forum. These elements should be easy enough on the eyes that you can concentrate on what you see. It is possible though to change these items so that you can have what you want so don’t give up on a forum for this reason alone.

Many of them allow you to create a personal profile and even add a photo if you wish. These features can make the forum for crappie fishing more personalized. Even though you aren’t seeing the people face to face you can still relate to them in a personal manner.

Many crappie fish forums allow you to privately message other members too. This can be a benefit when you want to talk to one person specifically rather than posting your information for all readers to have access to. As you develop relationships with other members you will find that you are taking part in private messaging more and more. You may decide that you want to go on a fishing expedition with some of them too.

Any special events should also be posted on the forum. There may be a bulletin board for activities such as fishing tournaments. This can become a huge resource for you to stay on top of those events you may wish to go take part in. When you know that there will be other people you have talked to from the forum there you may also find those events to become very social activities that you enjoy.

The quality of any forum can quickly go down hill of there aren’t moderators in place. They should be there to help make sure that people aren’t abusing the site. They should be looking for explicit language and warn those individuals to stop. If they don’t then they should be banned. Anyone that is threatening others on the site should also be banned.

The moderators will also be looking for solicitations. They don’t want people on there selling their products or services that relate to the crapping fishing industry. Anyone doing so will also be banned. Moderators should be able to communicate with you should you want to report any such violation that you see as you view the forum.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow crappie fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on crappie fishing since 2004.

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