How to go about drop shotting crappie fish

Crappie fishing is not complicated and there are many methods that can be used to catch this species from casting to drift fishing. They’re a small fish with a lot of spirit. Since they are small, anyone, even a beginner can catch this fish without a lot of difficulty but many experienced anglers seek them out because they put up a good fight for their size. This makes hooking and reeling in one exciting and something to look forward to.

Another reason so many people fish for crappies is because they taste great so many anglers catch them to enjoy a tasty meal. They can be found almost anywhere and you don’t need any special equipment for this species. However, using a sensitive rod can help you determine when you get a bite and increase your chances of reeling in more fish.

Even though they are fairly easy to catch, they do take spells when it seems impossible to get them to take your bait. These are the times when you need to use different methods to try and entice them to strike. One method that seems to always get results is fishing with a drop shot rig. It’s easy enough to do that anyone can use it and it normally yields excellent results.

How to Drop Shot for Crappie

If you’ve never used this method before, don’t worry. Drop shotting crappie fish is simple and the best news is that it really works. This method puts the bait in front of the crappie and teases it until it finally gives in and strikes, even if it’s not hungry. It can only stand having a meal dangle in its face for so long before it has to give in and take the bait.

All you need to do is follow the steps below and you’ll be drop shotting crappie in no time:
* Tie the weight onto the bottom of fishing line
* Place the hook about a foot above the weight if you plan to fish with live bait and between a foot to a foot and a half if you’re using artificial jigs
* The hook will stay straight if you put the line through the eye from the topside going downward
* Place your bait on the hook and cast out your line to the desired location
* Once in the strike zone, begin lifting the bait up and letting it drop back down in front of the fish
* When you feel a bite, begin reeling in the line and the crappie will basically hook itself

Once you get the hang of it, you should find drop shotting for crappies to be very effective. It’s important to make sure you use proper rigging according to the directions above if you want to get the best results.

Tips for Using the Drop Shot Rig

If you’re not familiar with this method of fishing then you’ll be able to benefit from a few good tips. You can drop shot for crappies in both deep water and the shallows so it doesn’t matter where you’re fishing, you can use this method if the crappies are not responding to other methods.

Finding the crappies is the first step in a successful fishing trip. You need to know where they are so you can get the bait in front of them. The whole point of drop shotting is to get the bait in front of the fish so they can’t resist the temptation to strike. Look for them around any type of man-made or natural structures and you should find a school lurking about. They stay in these areas where they can hide in and around the structures and feed off of the baitfish that live in these areas.

Don’t wiggle the bait around too much or it’ll become too distracting. You only need to move it around enough to get the attention of the fish while keeping it in their view. Eventually, it will strike because it can’t seem to pass up the chance to take advantage of a tasty meal that is so easy to get even if it’s not hungry.

You can use most any rod and reel setup that you would normally use when crappie fishing with this method but the jigging rods seems to work the best. Rods ranging between ten to twelve feet in length are recommended for drop shotting crappie fish. They make it easier to dangle the bait in front of the fish for longer periods of time.

Using this method is the best way to catch crappie when they’re being picky and not taking the bait. It can greatly improve your fishing experience on days when you would normally go home empty handed. If you’ve never tired it before, now is a great time to give it a try. You may be a little surprised at the results you’ll get.

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