How to make a minnow trap

The minnows will swim into the small opening and be trapped since they will very seldom swim back out the same way they swim in. It is important to keep a close eye on the traps that you use because you don’t want to leave the minnows in the traps to die.

All good minnow traps use bait to entice the minnows and lead them into the trap. You can use just about anything you want to for bait but some good examples include corn, crackers, bread and even crunched up pet food. If it’s small enough for them to get it in their mouth they will eat it.

Using a minnow trap that you made yourself to catch your own fishing bait can be quite rewarding and fun. Since they are so easy to make you can try different ones until you find the one that is the most productive for your area. It’s a great project for families to share together and children will love building these simple traps with parents.

Before you make your minnow traps make sure that they are allowed in the area where you plan to go fishing. Some states don’t allow you to use these traps in certain waters. Take the time to check the rules and regulations governing the area where you plan to place the trap to find out for sure if it’s allowed or not.

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