How you can catch a world record white crappie

Every angler dreams of catching a World Record crappie and in this case a White Crappie. The World Record for a White Crappie is 5 lbs-3 ounces which as caught in Mississippi in 1957. They usually weigh less than two pounds and are usually caught at around a pound or less.

White crappie can live no more than 10 years. White crappies were originally found in the eastern U.S. and Canada. However, now they can be found in many western states. White crappies unlike their cousins the black crappie like to live in slower moving rivers and murky lakes and ponds. Crappies are often referred to as “paper mouths” because of a thin layer of skin around their mouths. You have to understand that larger sized crappies don’t hang around with smaller schools of fish. They will isolate themselves or hang out with the bigger fish and join a school with fish their size.

There are a few places where you can find these huge fish and save your time while on the water. One of the best areas to look for world record crappie are the more fertile stained waters like the deep and heading into creek channels that are more green and murky. The warmer waters are better and the more algae the better. That is because the bugs and bait fish will be swarming to feed on the algae plants. The crappie loves this and feed on them to fatten themselves up. Another great area to look for big white crappies is in deeper waters.

Unfortunately, few fishermen go deep enough to find those huge crappies. Crappies that stay in the deep actually live longer and get bigger. When fishing anglers should look for isolated patches of brush, humps and other structures. These isolated areas will be in the range of two to four feed wide in diameter. You should move from patch to patch and drop the bait down and around a few times and then move to the next area.

Spawning seasons are great times to get out on the water and find those huge female white crappies. The females are naturally fatter from carrying the eggs. You can find them out deep while the males build the nests.
Of course you can also fish area that other anglers are not fishing if you want to find that world record crappie.
Fish underwater structures that seem off the map. Look for fallen trees, hollow rocks and stumps. Think about wading into areas that nobody can get to by boat or on foot. A good place to fish for white crappies is in Mississippi where the original World Record for white crappie originated. The best season to fish is winter.

You can tell a white crappie from a black crappie because they have six spines and the black have seven or eight. To fish for white crappie you can use minnows, jig and beetle spins. You can also try pinching the minnow’s tail off causing it to swim erratically and attracting the crappie.

A good trick to catching crappies is to keep balloons in your tackle box. When you catch your first crappie, blow up a balloon and tie on 10-12 feet of mono line. Then tie on a small hook and hook the crappie in the dorsal fin and release it. It will swim back to the safety of its school and tow the balloon. This way you will see where the school is located. Red is a good color to use because it really stands out and can be seen at longer distances.

The good thing about the white crappie is that they have a big mouth and can take most lures and bait sizes that a bluegill or other sunfish could handle. You may want to try a curly tail jig or small crank baits using minnows as bait. Night crawlers and garden worms are also excellent bait for crappies. You may also want to try your luck at ice fishing for those large crappies. The trick is that you have to put yourself on the course that will bring you right to a record sized crappie. Then you need to rig the right sized tackle. Records have been recorded for the states with record crappies catches like Alabama, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada and more.

It is very important that you check for the crappie records in your state or area. Just get out there and keep fishing and following the white crappie catching suggestions and you could be the next World Record White Crappie angler. It really all comes down to finding them, determining the day’s menu and presenting it in a pleasing manner. You will be mounting that giant fish on your wall like others before you who have caught bigger and more elusive crappies.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow crappie fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on crappie fishing since 2004.

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