Iowa Crappie Fishing

Fall Iowa crappie fishing will find another shift in the location of the fish, with crappie returning to the shallow shorelines where they can find cover beneath weeds and reeds. Rocky points are also favored, and crappie are hungry during the fall season, looking to fatten up as the fall brings cooler waters. If you are adventurous and care to try Iowa crappie fishing in the winter, ice fishing can be particularly productive, especially in the southern lakes of Iowa, as well as in the backwaters of the Mississippi River. This is typically best done during the true months of winter, from early December through late March, to get the best results. While you can find a great catch during daylight hours, you’ll be more pleased with early morning and twilight fishing, when you’ll catch the most and biggest slabs in the shallow bays that are near flooded creek channels or large flat. Expect for the crappie to be suspended just above the bottom of the lakes. As with fall fishing, you will want to use a depth finder, as the exact location of crappie will be hard to pinpoint below the surface of the ice.

Overall, good Iowa crappie fishing can be had year round with the proper preparation and the right equipment. Always check the fishing reports prior to heading out to any lake so that you can avoid an unfruitful day, and you’ll be pleased with your excursion regardless of the season.

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