Is there good crappie fishing in Portlanld Oregan?

Is there good crappie fishing in Portlanld Oregan or surrounding areas?

Crappie fishing in Portland Oregon is outstanding.  In fact, you can find trout, salmon, walleye and bass easily as well.  There are various streams, rivers and ponds located throughout the region that offer ideal spots for crappie or other fish.


Some of the best crappie can be found in these locations:


·         Brownlee Reservoir:  Located on the eastern boarder of the state, this lake is about 57 miles long throughout which crappie are found.  Located in Huntington, Oregon

·         Crump Lake: This is a large lace in the southern/central part of the state in Adel.  It is known for its crappie fishing.

·         Drews Reservoir:  Drews is about 1900 acres and located in Detroit, Oregon, in the west/central part of the state

·         Fern Ridge Reservoir:  This is a large lake at 9000 acres.  You will want to check out the shallow ridges for crappie during the spring time here.  Fern Ride is found in Elmira, Oregon on the western/central region.

·         Hart Lake:  Hart is even larger than Fern Ridge at 10,000 acres.  Located in Plush, Oregon in the southern part of the state, it is a good option for crappie.

·         Lake Owyhee: Still larger is Lake Oweyhee found just south of Adrian, Oregon in east central Oregon at 14,000 acres

·         Phillips Lake:  If you are in the north east part of the state, visit this smaller, 2,200 acre lake for great fishing in the reeds

·         Prineville Reservoir:  Located just south of Prineville, Oregon, this reservoir makes for great crappie fishing

·         Siltcoos Lake: In Dunes City, in the central region of the state, Siltcoos Lake is a comfort size with large crappie

·         Tankenitch Lake:  A smaller lake with smaller crappie, this lake is just 1,600 acres  in Gardiner

·         Ternmile Lakes:  Ternmile Lakes are actually a series of small lakes, but each offers an opportunity for crappie.  They are found in Lakeside Oregon.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow crappie fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on crappie fishing since 2004.

One Response to “Is there good crappie fishing in Portlanld Oregan?”

  1. Swabby says:

    I’m a hard core crappie fisherman from dallas tx and new orleans recently moved to portalnd oregon. I have the fever for spawing crappie and we are in the heart of it. At least down south. wher can I find them. I live in the SW part of Portland. Any suggestions, ihave no idea about anything or anywhere aroound here. Find me a whole and I will be there every fday for the next 2 months.


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