Kentucky Crappie Fishing

For more great Kentucky crappie fishing, try the 1,200-acre Buckhorn Lake in southeastern Kentucky. Perhaps because the lake tends to be practically ignored by crappie fishermen, a good day’s fishing can turn out an excellent catch for a patient angler. Part of what keeps the population of crappie highly concentrated in this and other lakes in the eastern part of the state is the heavy drawdown in the winter months, which confines crappie to the main river channel. You can bet on finding huge schools of crappie anywhere here that there is excellent cover, and with careful consideration, you can catch large slabs through April.

If you want to make one last trip in late fall or early winter before it gets too cold to be out on the lake, check out Kentucky crappie fishing at Dale Hollow Lake. Here, you’ll find water temperatures remaining in the 50’s through November, meaning that crappie are still out and going strong. Expect to find them, however, at depths of 10-20 feet in waters that are typically 25-35 feet deep. Just because it’s not the top of the season doesn’t mean you won’t take home a good supply of large, fat crappie.

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