Lake Of The Woods Crappie Ice Fishing

One of the best units to use is a four-color flasher. An example of one of these would be the Vexilar FL-8. This type of fish finder can provide you with a lot of useful information such as the depth in which you are fishing along with exactly where the fish are located, the location of structures and the bottom composition of the water in which you are fishing.

If your bait is dropped down below the crappie, then you will not have very much luck. They will not pay attention to bait under them nor will they go out of their way to chase the bait or look for it. The best presentation is to have the bait above the school of crappie then drop it down through the middle of the school and then pull it back up again. Once they spot the bait they don’t like it moving away from them and they will be enticed to go after it.

When you go Lake of the Woods crappie ice fishing in Ontario it is advised that you spend a little time in advance learning about the rules and regulations of this area. The regulations for crappie ice fishing may not be the same as they are when you are fishing during other seasons. For example, there are certain restrictions on using live bait when ice fishing that you must be familiar with before going out.

The more you experience the magic this area tends to bring to fishing the more often you will want to visit. It is truly a fisherman’s dream come true.

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