Minnow Rigging, Best Methods

Knowing the anatomy of the fish is really important when it comes to this step in the rigging process. If you know exactly where to put the hook you won’t have any trouble. As we talked about earlier, there are different places on the body where you can rig a minnow.

The basic way to rig a minnow is simple and will not require leaders or any type of fancy rig. You will want a cork or bobber, a sinker, some split shot weight and a small hook (minnow hook). These are all really easy to rig up and the cork can help you adjust the depth that you want your minnow to go into the water. How much weight you put on the line will also help you lower the minnow to greater or lesser depths. Minnow Rigging for

Now if you’re going to be trolling for fish the way people do when they fish for crappie or maybe for stripers, you will rig the minnow a bit differently to accommodate this. You will want to hook the minnow through the mouth and nose from the bottom lip to the top.

This will give the fish a more natural look as it moves through the water and your fish will be much more likely to go for it. If you hook the minnow in the back, it will make it look like it is swimming backwards, pulling the fish sideways and this will appear unnatural, even to the fish. The more natural you can make your bait look, the better the chance of you catching a lot of fish that day. It is suggested that you use a barbless minnow hook about an inch longer than the minnow to rig your minnows.

You should hold the minnow firmly in one hand and with the hook in your other hand, lead it through the fish in the specified location according to your choice of rig. Then when it’s on there securely and the rest of your rig is set up, you’re ready to cast in the water and get to fishing!

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