North Carolina Crappie Fishing

If you plan to participate in North Carolina crappie fishing in early and mid spring, you’ll find crappie with ease through tactics such as vertical fishing. In summer, you’ll have to be patient and perhaps use an electronic depth finder to assist you in finding the schools of crappie, since they tend to be suspended deeper in order to maintain a semblance of cool temperatures. Use of heavy sinkers to take you to greater depths comes in handy to provide the best fishing opportunities during these seasons.

North Carolina crappie fishing is best in late spring, as spawning takes place, especially for those who prefer to fish rivers and impoundments off the rivers. This is because fish travel up river for warmer and shallower waters off the edges of the river in order to lay and fertilize the eggs.

For anglers who are desperate for a productive trip to the lake in the dead of winter, North Carolina crappie fishing is still available, and a weekend excursion to any of these area lakes can assist in relieving the desire to fish. You’ll find that, even in winter, there are large numbers of crappie to be caught, and with the right bait and equipment, you can have some of the best catches of the entire year.

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