Prior Bay

Dan about 20 year ago I went on a trip to what I think is somewhere between Barkley and Kentucky lake. I can give you some Landmarks to help me figure out the area I was at. I very much want to go back to this spot. I was told on one side of the bridge was Kentucky lake and the other side was Barkley. A boat ramp was located on the left and immediately past that was a campgrund on the right. You could not go under the bridge. The campground was more of a Mom and Pop camground. The water was calm so I am sure this area was backwater. The fishing was incredible and I have always wanted to go back however I do not know exactly where back is? I simply cant remember exactly where I was. Perhaps a lot has changed now this way 20 years ago. But I am sure the fishing remains the same. I am an avid fishermen with many trips to Canada and Lake eerie however this place has been stuck in my mind for as long as I can remember. Please can you help me are you familiar with this area? Thanks Joe

If we’re talking about the same place, I’ve fished there many times, and it is a great place. The Lake is Lake Barkley, on the Tennessee-Kentucky border. The area you are talking about, I believe, is the Prior Bay Bridge, right at the border. It’s the only bridge that I know of on the lake that is only accessable on foot (to go underneath).

I don’t know where you would be coming from, but here are some general directions:

From I-24, you can take the US Hwy 62 exit in Gilbertsville, Ky., towards the Kentucky Dam State Park, and Airport. Stay on US 62, and go past the Aark, and the Airport. It will change to US 641, then back to US 62, then go over a bridge over an arm of the lake. Keep going until you see Dover Rd. Take it to the right, and it will become the Trace Rd. after you go over the canal. This will take you right up the Land Between The Lakes, and to the Prior Bay Bridge.

Happy Fishing.

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