Three Oklahoma Crappie Fishing Secrets

Even if you can’t afford to or just don’t want to use technology to help you find fish, you can still find them by knowing their habitat. Once you’ve found a good school of them make sure to frequent that spot. Chances are you’ll keep getting fish every time you go there. Knowing the right locations for fishing for crappie makes the difference between a good and bad fishing trip. Fishing holes are usually closely guarded secrets but you might be able to get some of the locals to give you a few tips on finding the right spot. You could also hire guides to show you the best fishing spots in the area for catching crappie.

It’s All About Bait
Bait is by far the most important part of fishing for crappie in Oklahoma. During the winter your gear can really wear down if you’re not careful. It doesn’t matter if you use live bait or artificial bait. Both types are equally affected by winters in Oklahoma. Make sure that if you do have live bait you get the most out of your money. Not all live baits can withstand extremely low temperature waters. If the bait dies on the line too quickly it’s not doing you any good.

Artificial baits will “die” just as easy as live baits if the proper precautions aren’t used. If your bait isn’t meant for the temperature you’re going to be fishing in you don’t want to be using it. Some gelatin based baits can’t stand up to the freezing waters you might be fishing in. Metal baits aren’t as affected but can be if the metal is already brittle or cracking. Inspect all of your artificial baits before and after you’re done fishing. This will help you determine which baits withstood the trip the best and which ones you’ll want to keep in the tackle. These important tips will make your next Oklahoma crappie fishing trip a lot more enjoyable.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow crappie fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on crappie fishing since 2004.

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