Tips for Crappie Fishing Trips

When you are fishing for crappie, use the smallest hooks sufficient for your catch. Size eight or ten hooks usually work well when fishing for crappie, but gang hooks really do work well too. The trick is to try your best to hook your minnow in such a way that they will stay alive, because minnow hooked wrong will die and you are just wasting bait if you try to fish for crappie with dead bait.

Light weight rods or rod and reel combinations work well. Many people use a net to bring their crappie into the boat (they are called paper mouths, because their mouths tend to tear so easily that they are often lost, injured, back into the water if you are not careful) or reel easily and then lift the fish gently onto the deck, so you might consider bringing a net if you are crappie fishing.

Crappie’s favorite meal is live minnows, so you will need a minnow bucket stocked with fresh minnows. Many crappie fishermen use a crappie light, because the best time to fish for crappie is at night. Consider bringing a crappie light or a propane lantern and rope, so that you can suspend the lantern over the water. If you use a crappie light, insects will be drawn to the light, which will attract bait fish, who come to feed on the bugs, and your crappie will follow the bait fish hoping for a good meal. Most people also fish for crappie using a bobber, so you will most likely want to have several bobbers with you when you go crappie fishing.

Though you can fish for crappie in practically any body of water, these suggestions of places to fish in Arkansas are exceptionally good crappie fishing locations.

Crappie fishing trips can take you around the country. Pick a location you want to start at and work towards every other one out there.

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