Topographical maps in general

Where can I purchase a topographical map?

Topographical maps are a very valuable tool for any fisher, diver, hiker and just about anyone that travels any surface on this blue marble.  As a general rule when looking for a topographical map I start with the local bait stores or other outfitters.  If the local outfitters are not available I next go to the Game and Parks for the state, sometimes these departments are referred to as the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  If you are looking for topographical maps of popular lakes there are lots of online resources such as where you can find really cool maps of lakes found in the north central United States.

The trick to this is that many topographical maps cover solid surfaces and not those covered by water.  Many of these are the types of maps you can find for free online or even get 3-d views on sites such as Google Maps.  Finding maps of lake and other bodies of water can be difficult and on smaller bodies of water you might be working from simple notes on a rough map provided by a local guy tooling up and down the lake with a depth finder and a notepad.  If you come across one of these treat it like gold and fish the spots that appear to have less attention because those will be the favorite spot of the map maker.  As I mentioned before start with the local outfitter for good water proof detailed maps but failing that go to the government agency but usually these are of lower quality.  The USGS has many maps as well for sell but you might be able to find an online dealer with higher quality.

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